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HyperStrong HyperCube: Advanced Liquid-Cooling Energy Storage Cabinet

HyperStrong introduces the HyperCube, a state-of-the-art liquid-cooling outdoor cabinet designed to provide efficient and reliable energy storage solutions. This advanced system ensures safety and performance, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Technical Specifications

The HyperCube features an IP67-rated battery pack, offering exceptional protection against dust and water. It incorporates pack-level fire protection and multi-layer fuse protection, along with multi-dimensional electrical detection. The system complies with stringent standards, including GB 36276, IEC 62619, UL9540, UL1741, and NFPA855, ensuring reliability and safety in demanding environments.

Smart and Efficient Design

The HyperCube boasts an all-in-one design that enables quick power response. It is versatile, supporting several operational modes such as virtual power plant, grid-connected, and off-grid applications. The intelligent equilibrium strategy and AI-driven warnings ensure consistent battery performance throughout its lifecycle, optimizing energy management and reducing operational costs.


HyperStrong’s HyperCube is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their energy storage capabilities. Its robust design and compliance with international standards make it suitable for various commercial and industrial settings. Whether it’s for grid stability, backup power, or load shifting, the HyperCube provides a reliable and efficient energy storage cabinet solution for business needs.

Features and Benefits

The HyperCube is intrinsically safe with IP67-rated battery packs, offering comprehensive protection and compliance with key safety standards. Its all-in-one design ensures rapid power response and is suitable for multiple operational modes. The intelligent equilibrium strategy and AI warnings enhance the battery lifecycle, ensuring consistency and efficiency in energy storage management. HyperStrong’s robust construction and compliance with international standards make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their energy storage systems.


HyperStrong’s HyperCube sets a new benchmark in energy storage cabinet solutions. With its advanced liquid-cooling technology, smart design, and stringent safety standards, it offers businesses a reliable and efficient way to manage their energy storage requirements. By integrating the HyperCube into their energy management systems, businesses can achieve greater operational efficiency and reliability.

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