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Vacuum Fried Chips: A Game-Changer in Ghana’s Snack Industry

Ghana, a country known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse cuisine, has recently witnessed the emergence of vacuum fried chips as a popular snack choice among its population. This article aims to analyze and provide commentary on the impact of vacuum fried chips in Ghana’s snack industry.

Beijing Kaida: Pioneering Vacuum Fried Chips

Kaida Hengye, an esteemed company established in Beijing in 2000, has played a significant role in introducing vacuum fried chips to the Ghanaian market. With approximately 900 employees and an annual output value of USD 680 million, Kaida specializes in producing VF potato chips, fruits, and vegetable crisps.

Automated Factory Ensuring Original Nutrition and Taste

The key to the success of vacuum fried chips lies in their ability to retain the original nutrition and taste of vegetables. Through low-temperature frying technology at 90 – 115℃, Kaida ensures that these snacks maintain their nutritional value while offering a delightful taste experience. The company boasts more than 100 modern production lines housed within state-of-the-art facilities featuring 100,000-level air purification workshops.

Shudu Kaida: Meeting High Demand

To meet the growing demand for vacuum fried chips in Ghana, Shudu Kaida operates under Beijing Kaida’s umbrella. Equipped with international advanced production technology and automatic production equipment capable of processing up to 800 tons of potatoes per day, Shudu Kaida plays a crucial role in ensuring a steady supply of this beloved snack.

In addition to catering to local demand within Ghana itself,

A Promising Future for Vacuum Fried Chips

The popularity of vacuum fried chips in Ghana is not limited to the domestic market. Kaida Hengye has also made its mark on the international stage, participating in renowned food exhibitions such as FOODEX JAPAN. This global presence indicates a promising future for vacuum fried chips, with potential opportunities for expansion and export.


Vacuum fried chips have revolutionized Ghana’s snack industry, offering consumers a healthier alternative without compromising on taste. Thanks to companies like Beijing Kaida and Shudu Kaida, Ghanaians can now enjoy crispy and flavorful snacks that retain their original nutritional value. As this trend continues to gain momentum both domestically and internationally, it is clear that vacuum fried chips have become an integral part of Ghana’s culinary landscape.

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