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A Deep Dive into Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60 – Unveiling Innovative Features”

In the realm of video shooting, Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60 emerges as a beacon of precision and comfort, designed to elevate the lens follow focus control experience. This Q&A explores the innovative features of the follow focus system, delving into its modular design, environmentally friendly composition, and fine-tune adjustments that redefine the standard for lens focus control.

What sets Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60 apart in terms of design, and how does its modular composition contribute to enhanced functionality?

The Follow Focus F60 by Smallgig stands out with its modular design, where the core drive is crafted from environmentally friendly brass and super composite material. This not only ensures durability but also contributes to a lightweight build. The modular composition allows for easy customization, accommodating a range of shooting scenarios and providing photographers with the flexibility to adapt the Follow Focus F60 to their specific needs.

How does Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60 address the need for fine-tune adjustment?

Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60 introduces a game-changing adjustable non-stop damping system, offering a dynamic damping coefficient ranging from 0.6 kgf to 1.8 kgf. This feature enables fine-tune adjustment, providing videographers with precise control over the lens focus. The result is an improved shooting experience that caters to various damping preferences, ensuring smooth and accurate focus adjustments in any shooting condition.

What makes the 3-step switch between forward and reverse rotation and the 2-step A/B stops setting and release stand out in Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60?

Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60 introduces a seamless 3-step switch between forward and reverse rotation, coupled with a 2-step A/B stops setting and release. This innovative design allows for a 360° zoom, providing videographers with unparalleled versatility. Whether transitioning between focal points or setting precise stops for creative effect, these features make the Follow Focus F60 a dynamic tool that adapts to the diverse demands of video shooting.

How do the modular accessories enhance the overall usability of Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60?

Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60 extends its functionality through a range of modular accessories. The Silicon Gear directly drives lens focus by friction, ensuring a seamless and direct connection. The quick-release palm support adds stability to handheld shooting, while the Single & Dual 15mm Rod Clamp and Focus Adapter Part contribute to the compatibility with SmallRig’s accessory system, providing users with a comprehensive toolkit for various shooting scenarios.


Smallgig’s Follow Focus F60 emerges as a revolutionary force in video shooting, where precision meets comfort. With its modular design, fine-tune adjustments, versatile rotation features, and an array of modular accessories, the Follow Focus F60 sets a new standard for lens focus control. This innovative device is not just a tool; it’s a transformative experience that empowers videographers to unlock precision in every frame.

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