Cockfighting Iron spurs and Related Information You Should Know

Cockfighting with iron spurs becoming a feverish game in the betting world, attracting special attention from bettors. But why does this type capture the love of so many players? And what are the rules of this game? The article below from New88.com will explore in detail information related to this cockfighting sport.

Some details about iron spur cockfighting

Cockfighting has long become an indispensable part of Vietnamese entertainment culture. And until now it still attracts special attention from many people. This sport originated in countries such as Cambodia, Philippines,… where betting games are legal.

Cockfighting with iron spurs not only brings excitement and relaxation, but also creates surprising matches for viewers. The fighting cocks participating in the fight are thoroughly trained and equipped with spurs to improve their chances of winning.

Iron spurs come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the characteristics of the spur and the specific type of chicken. They can be as large as a little finger or as small as the tip of a chopstick. This spur is considered one of the most important weapons, helping the chicken to quickly defeat opponents.

Another type of cockfighting with iron spurs

To increase the attractiveness, iron spur chickens also have another type, which is round spurs. You can easily recognize a chicken’s round spurs through its sharp spurs to create powerful and effective kicks to attack the opponent.

The form of this iron spur cockfighting has many variations, depending on the specific type from different sources. Usually, they are classified based on the length, size and shape of the tongue.

The advantage of this type of spur is that it focuses on thrusts in key locations such as the neck and chest. If the opponent is hit in these areas, they will definitely be injured or possibly knocked out immediately.

Rules of cockfighting with iron spurs

In each match, the cocks will be carefully weighed before the fight begins. Two chickens of equal weight will participate in the fight. In case of slight discrepancies, handicaps and regulations will be applied based on the cocker’s negotiation. Only when an agreement is reached will the match take place and players can place bets.

The average time for each round is from 10 to 15 minutes, with no limit on the number of rounds. The war will end when:

  • One of the two chickens cannot continue to compete.
  • Both opponents were unable to continue after the blows. The referee will temporarily stop the spur cockfighting match and continue if possible.
  • The cock will lose if it cannot stand up after the referee lifts it up 3 times.
  • In case both fighting cocks do not fight, the referee will draw the match.

The reason why cockfighting with iron spurs is more attractive than the traditional form

It is not natural that this subject is so fascinated by so many people. And what makes this type more attractive than traditional cockfighting?
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Thrilling, exciting

Preparing the cocks with spurs during the fight has helped make the fight more attractive and thrilling. Each blow in cockfighting carries enough power to cause great damage, and can even threaten the opponent’s life. This added tension to each fight.

Many chicken breeds to choose from

The fact that there are many different breeds of chickens in the match adds to the excitement of this betting activity. Each type of chicken will possess unique skills, fighting style and endurance. That’s why it is required that players need to have a thorough understanding of each chicken breed to be able to make the most accurate and correct assessment.

A series of matches take place every day

Because the duration of each spur cockfighting match is quite short. As we mentioned above, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes. There are even fights that take place quickly, in just 3 minutes if the fighting chicken is strong and gives dangerous kicks. Therefore, players can completely bet multiple times in just one day.

The above article contains all the information related to the cockfighting game that you can refer to. Hopefully with New88’s sharing , players can understand more about this type of cockfighting. Good luck to everyone when betting to win.

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