Custom Fulfillment Services

Even a custom fulfillment service can increase profits. If you’re marketing a luxury product, you want the design of the package and your strategy to convey that premium image.

What Is Custom Fulfillment?

You can create a unique fulfillment strategy when you run your order fulfillment operation with an internal team or through a third-party fulfillment business (3PF). Here are some instances of how some of Yun Fulfillment Warehouse’s customers customize the packing process:

A nutrition supplement manufacturer inserts a promotional flyer into some outgoing shipments; the system notifies the packer which brochure to include with which products.

High-end tissue paper in the brand colors of a direct-selling company is used as filler.

Every shipment from a wellness company comes with a hand-signed letter that reads, “Carefully packed by _____,” followed by the packer’s name.

These small details make your business stand out and strengthen your emotional connection with clients.

Impact on the Customer Experience

Brands no longer have to choose between having highly effective fulfillment operations and a more tailored fulfillment procedure. You can have both if you work with the proper fulfillment partner. You might be amazed at how much customization is feasible in the fulfillment process, even on a massive scale.

Differentiating your brand solely on a product or pricing is getting harder and harder. The entire customer experience, of which order fulfillment is significant, counts most nowadays.

Remember to value order fulfillment’s ability to increase consumer loyalty and brand affinity. Speak with a Yun Fulfillment Warehouse specialist to go over the options.

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