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First Contact with an FSBO Master

FSBO sellers are motivated to sell their home. By putting their house on the block, they have made this obvious. Contrary to their beliefs, the residence didn’t attract many interested, willing, or able buyers after they placed a sign at the bottom. Flat Fee MLS Pennsylvania – After listing their property for a brief time, potential buyers now call them more than they did before.

FSBO sellers are often more motivated by real estate professionals than they are by FSBO sellers. They don’t see the value in the services. Instead, they think it’s easy and they want to save money. Whatever their reasons for listing their apartment, you will need to get to know them and their fears so that you can determine if you qualify for their personal services.

Remember that you may only receive a FSBO master by phone approximately 20% of the time. Voicemail messages and letters will make up the rest of your communication with them. It’s important to ask them powerful questions when you get them on the device.

This is the most common question to begin a conversation and it’s also the easiest:

Is this the best house on the market?

This question will provide you with the first indication of whether it is possible to help them. Once they say that their household is sold, take the time to dig deeper and find out if they have actually signed a purchase contract. FSBO owners often think they have sold their house, when in reality they are only asking for it.

Once you’ve determined if the home is available, you can transition to qualifying frequently the FSBO to find out if they are. To determine if a match is available, there are three questions you can ask. If you ask all of them, you’ll be able select the best qualified FSBO suppliers.

The following problem can be asked as part of your screenplay for a match.

Mr/Mrs. If I were to contribute you as a buyer, would it be possible for me to present you with a 3% coop?

This will help you determine if they are willing to pay someone to bring in a qualified and motivated buyer. Do not ask them questions if they are willing to pay an inventory commission. They will likely hang up on your inquiry!

Building rapport with FSBO listings is a way to build trust. You won’t always be able answer all the questions on the first call. Ask enough questions to determine if the listing is worth your time. Then, focus on getting an appointment with them by following up with a message or two.

Joseph Bridges is a coach and the owner of the Real Estate Success Course, which empowers agents to use marketing to connect with motivated buyers or sellers in their niche.

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