How to Make Your Own Christmas Cookie Boxes

Perhaps you are a beginner to decorating Christmas cookies or need to refresh your skills to make the perfect package of sugar cookies for your Christmas candy and treats.

These are some tips and tricks to help you make your Christmas cookie boxes.

  1. You can bake any type of cookie, but you can also make different shapes and sizes. This will make your final product look more appealing, which makes it fun for your guests.
  2. Let cool completely before frosting them or using royal icing.
  3. Roll them out on a floured surface and then cut with a cutter to create the desired shapes. I like hearts! ).
  4. Decorate cookies with wax or plain cardboard.

Tips to Find the Best Company to Buy Cookie Boxes at Wholesale

1. How do you find reliable sources of cookie boxes?

If you are looking to buy cookie boxes online from a trusted source, make sure you choose a company that has a history in cookie box production as well as a professional in product design. We are able to offer wholesale prices because we have been in this business for almost 20 years. Visit Naa Songs to find out more information

2. How big is your production capacity?

We are equipped with the best confectionery equipment, prime workstations and high-tech technology like automatic nest-making, automatic winder, automatic laminating, automatic box making, and dosing machines, so we can provide large quantities of cookie boxes whenever our customers need them.

3. What is your minimum order quantity?

We only accept small quantities so that everyone can buy cookies boxes from us.

4. What is the delivery timeline?

We ship products within the time frame we set and our production lead time is between 7-15 days.

5. What is the payment?

We accept general T/T and L/C. However, we can also accept other payment methods if we have specific requirements.

6. Which shipping method do you use?

Our cookies can be shipped by air, sea, or international express like DHL and TNT. These tips should help you locate a trustworthy source for cookie boxes.

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