Ninja Loses Followers – Why Ninja Loses Supporters?

Tyler Ninja loses support by as high as 90%, which is the most popular topic for online discussion. Tyler Ninja is the Fortnite streamer. However, he isn’t the most popular Twitch broadcaster after losing his followers.

Tyler Ninja could be the U.S. streamer. s States and that he lost an astounding 90% of his supporters in the previous ten weeks. After Michael Grzesiek, he is now the 11th most subscribed streamer.

The streamer may feel a great loss if he loses supporters. This is because it will not only make him less visible but also lower his earnings from subscriptions.

Tyler Ninja: Who are you?

Richard Tyler Blevins is the online professional and streamer of gaming, better known as Ninja. Born in the U.S. on 5 June 1991. s States, Ninja started streaming by participating in different esports groups within the Halo competitive games.

After playing in Fortnite Fight Royale late 2017, Ninja gained fame gradually. He gained popularity among other streamers over time and broke the record for Twitch’s highest viewer count, with more than 16 million followers.

He was the most subscribed and adopted Twitch sensation by 2020 December. But things changed when he lost 90% of his supporters.

Why Ninja loses supporters?

Ninja, the well-known gaming streamer, started losing his subscribers and followers, which is the largest lack of the woking platform. Many people support the streamer, who started united nations-subscribing to the Ninja funnel all of a sudden.

It is not clear why Ninja experienced such a severe loss. In the past ten weeks, Ninja has lost more than 90% of his subscribers and supporters. According to the gaming community, 2020 was the whole year of debate. This could be why this kind of large loss is possible.

The streamer lost 40,000 followers after he was gone for two days. Because of the constant streamer pressure to create new content. This could be why Ninja loses supporters.

What is the impact of losing Twitch supporters?

Ninja lost 90% his followers, dropping to 26,000 from 263,000 subscribers. This has not only pushed Ninja to the eleventh place, but also impacted his earnings.

Subscribers to Twitch must purchase a monthly subscription. They will need to pay a certain amount. To support their favourite channels, they must make monthly payments to a Twitch partner. Monthly obligations for subscribers would include the payment of earnings to the majority of streamers on the platform.

Monthly earnings have dropped since the number of supporters fell to 26,000. The monthly earnings have dropped to $130,000 per month in the Ninja Loses Subscribers subscription.


Ninja is the most well-known streamer and has also beautified ESPN Magazine’s coverage. He was once the most subscribed streamer on Twitch. He lost his followers as a result.

Although the reason for subscribers’ decline is not known, it has had a significant impact on streamer and woking platform earnings. The streamer was able to climb to the eleventh spot, with a monthly income of $130,000. Following the loss of its supporters, the streamer has 26,000 subscribers.

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