Understanding Ooda Loop

Everybody, including you, seeks success in a world that is crowded with competition. We must make well-thought out, life-changing decisions if we want to win. From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, we make many decisions every day. Some decisions are routine while others are more complex. These are the most important decisions in our lives. These decisions must be taken seriously if you want to achieve flying colors.

If we are to win, we must make life-changing decisions in ambiguous and uncertain circumstances. We are familiar with the success stories of several billion-dollar companies that have overcome uncertainty and ambiguity to win.

Who would have thought WhatApp would be the success it is today, after Facebook bought it? Instagram followed suit. They all faced uncertain situations that forced them to make bold decisions in order to be different. It is possible to make important decisions in uncertain times. The OODA loop is one practical approach that can help you make profound decisions under any circumstance.


The OODA loop is a four-step approach. The acronym OODA stands to Observation Orientation Decision and Action. The OODA loop was created by a well-known military strategist, Mr. John Boyd, in 1997. This tool was created by John Boyd to show how organizations and individuals can win in chaotic and uncertain environments.

You don’t need to learn the OODA loop method. It is something you already do every day. Let’s say you notice that you need a pen. You remember that there’s a stationary shop just down the street, and it will close in 30 minutes. You chooseto go immediately. You buy a pen to explain the part of the OODA loop.

It was amazing!

Okay. Let’s now examine each section of the OODA Loop.


Observing is a different thing from seeing. Observation is actively taking in a particular situation or incident with your mental, moral and physical dimensions. While seeing a number is not an action, observation allows you to analyze it from different angles.


Orientation is an integral step in the OODA loops. You combine the previous observations with your knowledge and experience to try and analyze them and make a new one. You must identify and correct any mismatches in the data.


This is the first step to the final stage. With the information you have gathered from the orientation stage, you organize endless meetings and discussions. You weigh the pros and cons of each option, then you make your decision.


Now it is time to take the steps you took in the previous stage. Execute the action plan, and then wait for the results to please you.


The OODA loop can be used to plan and decide despite the possibility of losing. This works well for both individuals and organizations. It is not easy for everyone to understand the concept. SlideEgg offers PowerPoint Presentations that cover the concept of the OODA loop. You can quickly prepare presentations on any topic with their millions of PPT templates without having to waste your time on other websites.

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