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Unlocking Convenience and Control: EVB’s Floor Standing EV Charger with Cable

EVB‘s floor standing EV charger with cable offers more than just a reliable charging solution. With its advanced remote monitoring and management features, EVB empowers EV owners and operators with unparalleled convenience and control. Through the OCPP 6J protocol, this charger enables real time status updates, historical usage statistics, and a range of advanced functionalities accessible through a mobile application.

Remote Monitoring and Management with OCPP 6J Protocol

EVB’s charger integrates the OCPP 6J protocol, allowing for seamless remote monitoring and management. This industry standard protocol enables efficient communication between the charger and a central management system, providing real time access to critical charging data. Through this protocol, EV owners and operators can remotely monitor and manage their charging infrastructure with ease.

Real Time Status Updates and Historical Usage Statistics

One of the key benefits of EVB’s remote monitoring and management features is the ability to receive real time status updates. Users can effortlessly check the availability of charging stations, monitor charging progress, and receive push notifications when charging is complete. Additionally, historical usage statistics provide valuable insights into energy consumption, charging patterns, and cost optimization.

Advanced Functionalities via Mobile Application

EVB’s mobile application complements the remote monitoring and management features, offering a user friendly interface for accessing advanced functionalities. Users can remotely start or stop charging sessions, adjust charging settings, and even schedule charging sessions in advance. The mobile application ensures that EV owners and operators have full control over their charging experience, regardless of their location.

Convenience and Flexibility

The remote monitoring and management features of EVB’s charger offer unmatched convenience and flexibility. EV owners can conveniently plan their charging sessions, monitor progress, and optimize their energy usage from the comfort of their smartphones. This flexibility allows for seamless integration of EV charging into daily routines, ensuring a hassle free and efficient charging experience.


EVB’s floor standing EV charger with cable sets a new standard in convenience and control through its remote monitoring and management features. By leveraging the OCPP 6J protocol, EV owners and operators can enjoy real time status updates, access historical usage statistics, and utilize advanced functionalities through a user friendly mobile application. This level of convenience and flexibility ensures a seamless charging experience, empowering EV owners to stay connected and in control of their charging infrastructure. With EVB’s floor standing EV charger, convenience, and control are just a tap away.

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